Ashcraft College is the twelfth founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Ashcraft has a well-earned reputation for producing uncompromising perfectionists, for better and for worse. Dr. Lomu has a coffee mug in her office with the slogan: "Ashcrafters do it amazingly, eventually."

History Edit

Though founded in the same year as Ratigan College, Ashcraft's history is far less turbulent. Refusing to be rushed in its design and construction even as the University found itself in urgent need of more living and working space, the character of Ashcraft College as deliberate and precise has endured throughout the centuries.

Architecture Edit

A classic prodigy of the English Renaissance, the spacious Ashcraft façade boasts great, broad windows. The college's chief architect spoke of wanting “light, through and through" - and indeed, the college is something of a voyeur's delight. One Whipple Head described his office as being "separated from the Ashcraft dormitories by a dozen yards, two sheets of glass, and my increasingly vexed sense of modesty.”

The picture is of Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. Flatten its face and squeeze it in between Ratigan and Queen's Parade and you've got the right sort of idea.