Chamber College is the fourth founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Roomies are pretty alright, generally. A bit standoffish, but not in a superior way - just cautious. They also have a distinctly un-Aldergatian tendency to obey rules, and to expect that others will obey them as well. Takes all sorts to make a world.

History Edit

Fiercely independent, even by Aldergate standards, Chamber is the only college that still upholds the so-called "Calpurnia's Law" mandating that students be trained in "ye artes of soldierey." This prickliness dates back to the bad old days of the School Militant, when the College opened its doors to fugitive Jews fleeing the Massacres of London and York.

Chamber subsequently developed a reputation for inordinate wealth, and was a favored target for would-be looters during the various peasant revolts and townie riots that stain Aldergate's history. These last few centuries have been relatively peaceful, but Chamber College isn't taking any chances.

Architecture Edit

No doubt there's other points of interest, but let's be honest: the Glass Pinecone. It exists. They said they'd do it, and they did it, and now it's there - a towering, sparkling, knobbly ... thing. Of course, when they set out to create a "mixed living and working space designed to foster both community and exploration" the outcome was bound to be peculiar, and it is.

To be clear: it's not bad-looking, exactly. Just unexpected.

Yes, yes, that picture is of the Gherkin; the GP is squatter, and has the sticky-out bits all over. However, the juxtaposition of old and new - and the way it sort of looms over things - captures the spirit of the thing nicely.