Curmantle College is the first founded college of the University of Aldergate. And doesn't it just know it.

Fitzies (they don't like being called that, which is reason enough to call them that) don't actually believe that theirs is the only "real" college in the University, or even inherently superior. That would prevent them from referring to Curmantle College as "first among equals."

History Edit

The first of college of Aldergate University, and doesn't it just know it. One of the First Five Colleges, Curmantle's original face borders the southeast side of the Aldergate Pentangle.

Historically focused on law, governance, and military studies.

Architecture Edit

Curmantle’s entire face was refinished in 1542 (renovated concurrently with the construction of Silvan College). Grand where Silvan is graceful, Curmantle is classic Perpendicular Gothic.

Picture shown is actually the south porch of Northleach Parish Church. Not a perfect match, but drape a few dozen stone lions over it and you've got a decent sense of Curmantle's new face, the one on University Place. The side that fronts the Riverwalk is still the original battle-scarred flints. The Pentward face is set back a bit behind iron palings which are generally decorated with bicycles, bunting, and whatever (occasionally whomever) someone has seen fit to attach to them.