Empress College was the second founded college of the University of Aldergate. Empress College holds itself and others to the highest standards of academic rigor and integrity. "Cowboy College" is a term often employed by Empressians to refer to any college other than Empress.

Empressians are a bit odd, with a tendency towards profound and even embarrassing sincerity.

History Edit

Named for Aldergate's beloved founder, Empress Matilda. Founded the same year as Curmantle, Empress is the more sedate, and somewhat more elegant twin of its barely-older sibling.

Architecture Edit

Extensively renovated in 1542. An early triumph of zero-waste construction, the college is constructed entirely from repurposed stone reclaimed from the original Empress building and from the original Curmantle buildings that were demolished during that college's contemporaneous renovation. Very metaphorical – building anew from old stone, new ideas from old learning, etcetera.

The picture is from King's College at the University of Aberdeen, and it's a pretty good likeness.