Old Carroll is the twenty-third founded college of the University of Aldergate.

Rollos know what's what - which can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. If you're friends with a Rollo, you will come to love and to dread the phrase: "You know, technically there's no rule that says we can't..."

History Edit

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Old Carroll was the fourth of the Far Four colleges. Also the fifth, sort of. And the sixth, seventh, eighth, etcetera.

Shortly after the creation of Carroll College, its founding scholars attempted a bold political coup: to conquer the University by a process of self-replication. A total of one hundred and seventy-seven Carroll Colleges were duly designated and established before Regent House caught wind of the plot.

What those original Rollos had realized was that, although the Lex Aldergatiensis lays out an extensive and exacting process for founding a new college, almost all of the bureaucratic checks and approvals related solely to the appropriation and allocation of land and resources. Once a grant was established, however, it could be transferred from one governing body to another quite easily, presuming unanimous approval by College leadership. The Rollos were, therefore, able simply to draw up founding documents for a new college and transfer the old college's holdings to it in toto. This would, for all practical purposes, cause the old college to cease to exist in reality, but not as a strictly legal entity. And each of those strictly strictly legal entities retained the voting rights in Regent House accorded by writ to any duly-appointed College of the University of Aldergate.

In theory, the Rollos had effectively seized complete democratic control of the University by turning each of their officers into a one hundred and seventy-seven member voting bloc. They were foiled by a quorum headcount, having accidentally rendered it mathematically impossible for Regent House to convene a session. Rather than face the bureaucratic mess and likely mob violence they might otherwise have faced, the Rollos agreed to dissolve all but their original college. The Lex Aldergatiensis was amended to close the loophole, and only Old Carroll remained.

Architecture Edit

The buildings of Old Carroll are mostly Georgian red brick. The College's footprint included the old East Gate Marketplace; rather than eliminate it, the Rollos enclosed and built over it. Market is still held daily.

The picture is of Yale's Connecticut Hall. Looks about right - bricks ought to be a bit darker, but you can use your imagination.