The Midwinter Hill Center for Integrated Science is the largest, best-regarded, and most sexually attractive research facility ever made. It's more or less the whole reason why it was worth humanity's time to come down from the trees in the first place. Dedicated to the integration of research data and researcher effort across all experimental disciplines. When he cut the ribbon at its grand opening, Sir Reggie reached unaccustomed heights of both poetry and brevity: "Here, in joining hands, we touch eternity."

Facilities and Administration Edit

Over a million square feet of laboratory space distributed across the seven towers that ring the central dome. It crowns the gentle slope of Midwinter Hill just to the north of the City of Aldergate.

The executive director of MHCIS is Dr. Chandra Mistry

Controversy Edit

There was a bit of an unexpected backlash to the aggressive mission of MHCIS. The Guardian’s cartoonist depicted it as a seven-fingered claw preparing to crush the world. The Mail reduced it to a ring of standing stones encircling a rising sun, with a few druids in white lab coats thrown in for good measure.